Removable Connectors for Drop-In

MCV Microwave high frequency cavity and planar filters for 5G system integration include a very wide-band bandpass filter covering from 10 to 30 percent bandwidth, having low insertion loss and moderate rejection. MCV Microwave also offers extremely narrow-band notch filters, as narrow as 0.3 percent bandwidth, having very sharp roll-off and high rejection.

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Ultra-Low Passive Intermodulation Cavity Filters / Multiplexers

MCV Microwave has developed a line of ultra-low passive intermodulation (PIM) cavity filters and multiplexers covering frequency bands from 250 MHz to 6 GHz. The typical PIM performance in production is -163 dBc measured with two CW tones, each at 43 dBm. An even lower PIM filter with a maximum of -168 dBc is available, if requested. The filter line has low passband insertion loss, high-power handling and, for multiplexers, high isolation between bands.

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