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Removable Connectors for Drop-In

MCV Microwave high frequency cavity and planar filters for 5G system integration include a very wide-band bandpass filter covering from 10 to 30 percent bandwidth, having low insertion loss and moderate rejection. MCV Microwave also offers extremely narrow-band notch filters, as narrow as 0.3 percent bandwidth, having very sharp roll-off and high rejection.

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Ultra-Low Passive Intermodulation Cavity Filters / Multiplexers

MCV Microwave has developed a line of ultra-low passive intermodulation (PIM) cavity filters and multiplexers covering frequency bands from 250 MHz to 6 GHz. The typical PIM performance in production is -163 dBc measured with two CW tones, each at 43 dBm. An even lower PIM filter with a maximum of -168 dBc is available, if requested. The filter line has low passband insertion loss, high-power handling and, for multiplexers, high isolation between bands.

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PIFA Chip Antenna

PIFA Chip AntennaMCV GPS, GlobalStar, Glonass ceramic patch antennas offer precision and high gain along with a wide band PIFA chip antenna covering 698 to 960 MHz and 1700 to 2700 MHz for 3G/4G applications. MCV VHF/UHF and LTE MIMO DAS antennas are ideal for base station and indoor/outdoor repeater. Meta-material antenna can effectively isolate Wi-Fi frequency from LTE bands.

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Dielectric Antennas

Dielectric AntennaMCV Microwave dielectric antennas are compact size, high performance, reliable and cost competitive. MCV offers patch antennas in various sizes for GPS applications. Their rectangular micro strip designed patch antenna has excellent stability and sensitivity through the use of high-performance, proprietary dielectric materials with strict dimensional accuracy, excellent tolerance in dielectric constant and temperature stability.

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Dielectric Resonators

Dielectric ResnatorsMCV dielectric resonators are offered in TE, TM and TEM mode, providing a wide range of dielectric constant from Er=6 to Er=190 having very high Q factor to ultra-high Q factor, up to Qxf>300,000 measured at 10 GHz. MCV high K substrates are made of high dielectric constant materials from K=6 to 190.  Standard sizes are 1" and 2" square with thickness from 10 mils and up.  Custom size and thickness available upon request. 

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Cavity Filters

New LC FiltersMCV Microwave cavity filters are available from 10 MHz to 40 GHz and with bandwidth from 0.1% to over 66%. Cavity filters offer very high Q and low insertion loss, steep skirt selectivity, and narrower bandwidths.  MCV combline cavity and waveguide filters include cavity band pass filters, cavity band reject filters, cavity multiplexers, dual cavity duplexers, combline band pass filters, interdigital filters, waveguide bandpass filters and dielectric resonator loaded cavity filters. 

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LC Filters

LC FiltersMCV microwave LC filters feature center frequencies from 100 kHz to 10 GHz with excellent environmental performance in rugged surface mount and connectorized package. It is available in standard and special enhanced performance packages.  We offer solutions in LC band pass filter, LC band reject filter, LC high pass filter, LC low pass filter, LC duplexer, LC multiplexer and LC tunable filter.

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