Articles by MCV Microwave, San Diego, Calif.

Ceramic Filters

New Ceramic FiltersMCV ceramic filters feature high Q/low loss, high rejection, small size in rugged SMT or connectorized package covering 300 MHz to 10 GHz. High power ceramic filters can handle 10 W, 20 W, 30 W and 60 W CW. Ceramic bandpass filters, band reject filters and multiplexers are used in 4G LTE small cell, DAS, in-building network, public safety and wireless communication up to 5 GHz.  These are an economical option replacing cavity filters at a much smaller size.

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Hybrid Antenna

logoMCV Microwave introduces new multiband antenna for IoT applications, the Hybrid Antenna.   This device is tunable, affordable and optimized with excellent performance in a wide range of physical environments.  We were able to divide the antenna's functionality between a mass-produced 'superstructure' portion that enhances the radiation pattern and a custom-designed planar circuit board portion that enables economical tuning for frequency and match.

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