TANAKA Precious Metals announced that it has invented new packaging to increase the storage life of Power Bonding Wire.

To prolong shelf life and minimize handling issues, it is generally recommended to store spools of heavy gauge bonding wire in the upright position.  Storing spools vertically, with the hub parallel to the shelf, reduces the potential for wire entanglement during de-reeling. However, old-style spools are susceptible to accidentally lying flat with the hub perpendicular to the shelf.  Prolonged disorientation during storage with the windings oriented in the non-optimal position may increase the likelihood of wire entanglement. TANAKA new type No.88K and No.120K spools solve this problem by automatically orienting the windings in the optimal position during storage without the chance of disorientation caused by operator misplacement. The new spool design virtually eliminates accidentally falling over during storage on the shelf.

TANAKA's new proprietary spool design is a superior storage vessel for TANW power aluminum wire, as well as for TANAKA CP-1 power copper wire.  Heavy gauge bonding wire is typically used in the manufacture of power semiconductor packages as well as for welding of batteries and a host of applications found in the automotive industry.

TANAKA's new see-through No.88K and No.120K spools are 100 percent clear, allowing full viewing of the wire without obstruction.  Tanaka offers heavy gauge wires in diameters of 100 um (4 mils) up to 600 um (24- mils). On average, 100 to 1000 m of heavy gauge wire can be stored on TANAKA's No.88K spool.

TANAKA TANW power aluminum wire and type CP-1 power copper bonding wire are stocked in North America by TopLine through a distribution agreement with TANAKA. The new spool packaging will be on display at The Battery Show and at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, Mich., September 11-13, 2018.