MediaTek Inc. and Anritsu Corp. have agreed to forge a partnership for 5G development and physical layer verification. MediaTek selected Anritsu’s Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A as a prioritized test platform for the verification of standard-based 5G NR chipsets targeting upcoming global 5G deployment.

Anritsu will support MediaTek’s development of 5G devices, such as baseband chipsets, by providing powerful and efficient test solutions from early phase of pre-silicon verification to commercial validation stage of RF, protocol and function to enable the launch of high-quality 5G chipsets to the market.

Anritsu designed its new MT8000A 5G test platform for the latest technologies, such as wideband signal processing and beamforming, required by ultrafast and large-capacity 5G communications. The all-in-one platform supports sub-6 GHz and millimeter-wave RF tests, as well as protocol tests. Anritsu’s long experience in supplying 3G and 4G test solutions to MediaTek will help facilitate smooth development and early deployment of 5G products.

Anritsu will continue its contribution to MediaTek’s 5G development strategy by providing the latest test solutions and dedicated support.