Qorvo has introduced five GaN power amplifiers and front-end modules (FEM), further expanding its portfolio for massive MIMO and 5G base stations. The new products are two, two-stage power amplifiers, two integrated FEMs and a wideband driver amplifier.

Engineering samples are available to wireless infrastructure customers.

Doherty Amplifiers for Sub-6 GHz

  • QPA3506 — Covering 3.4 to 3.6 GHz, providing 5 W average output power with 40 percent power-added efficiency and 30 dB gain.

  • QPA4501 — Covering 4.4 to 5 GHz, providing 3 W average output power with 27 percent power-added efficiency and 34 dB gain.

Switch LNA Modules for Sub-6 GHz

  • QPB9319 — Covering 1.8 to 4.2 GHz, with 1.45 dB noise figure, 37 dB gain and 34 dBm output IP3.

  • QPB9329 — Covering 3.8 to 5 GHz, with 1.1 dB noise figure, 31.5 dB gain and 33 dBm output IP3.

Wideband Driver Amplifier for Sub-6 GHz

  • QPA9120 — Covering 1.8 to 5 GHz, with 22 dBm output power at 1 dB compression, 29 dB gain and 35 dBm output IP3.

Previously, Qorvo announced two additional FEMs — the QPF4005 and the QPF4006 — the industry’s first GaN FEMs for 39 GHz.

Qorvo’s portfolio of highly integrated, efficient, small modules support all frequency bands defined for pre-5G and 5G architectures, from 3 to 39 GHz. Using Qorvo’s GaN technology offers high power and efficiency, enabling the transmission of multiple data streams with greater capacity.

The market for massive MIMO base stations is expected to support $1 billion in RF solutions by 2022.

Roger Hall, general manager of the high performance solutions segment at Qorvo, said, “With our products at work in dozens of 5G field trials, Qorvo continues to be a leading enabler of 5G, supporting exponential growth in mobile data. Today’s RF portfolio expansion provides customers with the broadest range of 5G connectivity solutions in sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave 5G.”

Qorvo is helping to define 5G standards as a delegate to 3GPP and through collaboration with wireless infrastructure manufacturers, network operators, chipset providers and smartphone manufacturers. Qorvo has helped conduct dozens of 5G field trials, and Qorvo’s 28 GHz products supported the Samsung 5G MIMO demo at the 2018 Winter Olympics.