Modelithics has just released the newest version, 18.1, of the COMPLETE Library for use with NI AWR software. The update includes 47 new models and several model features. With this release, the Modelithics mmWave & 5G Library, a new product introduced in 2018, is available for the NI AWR Design Environment® platform.

The addition of 47 new models for the NI AWR Design Environment platform, specifically Microwave Office circuit design software, significantly increases library content, with the library now including over 16,000 components.

Components in the Library

New Microwave Global Models™ for passive components are available for ATC, AVX, Murata, Passive Plus, Presidio, Samsung and TDK capacitors; Coilcraft, Murata, TDK and Würth Elektronik inductors; and an ATC resistor series. New non-linear active device models are available for a Skyworks Schottky diode, a CEL transistor and a PIN limiter from MACOM. Modelithics’ first substrate scalable connector model for a Gigalane flange mount SMA connector is also included. New S-parameter (file-based) models for Vanguard Electronics transformers and S-parameter plus noise models for Guerrilla RF LNAs are new in this version.

New Features

Four significant new features have been incorporated into the v18.1 release:

A new shunt mode option has been added to the Pad_In_Model feature for passive RCL component models (CLR Library), which simplifies setup, simulation and layout of designs with parts mounted in shunt on a microstrip line.

Dynamic layouts, previously only available in CLR models, are now implemented in the non-linear diode models (NLD library).

Models for obsolete parts have always been kept within each library release to maintain functionality of old projects; however, the parts were not included in the Element Browser. Obsolete parts can now be found in the Modelithics Library element tree in an obsolete part section.

Finally, the Modelithics library now contains an element map that allow ADS schematics with Modelithics models to be converted and imported into AWR using the IFF format.

The release notes contain more information about these new features.

New Product

A second new product offering has been released along with the COMPLETE Library. The Modelithics mmWave & 5G library, first introduced earlier this year in a different format, is now available for use with NI AWR software.

All models in the mmWave & 5G Library are validated to at least 30 GHz, with some validated as high as 125 GHz. This collection has been designed for the quickly growing area of wireless design within the recently approved millimeter wave 5G frequencies.