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The Spacek Labs SPU-20-20W is a high-power amplifier designed for operation from 40 to 60 GHz, part of a banded solution with excellent output power—greater than 20 dBm—making it well-suited for communications system transmitters. Although the amplifier typically provides 20 dB gain, it can easily be configured with 30 or 40 dB gain, if desired. The SPU-20-20W is biased with a single positive voltage between 7 and 12 V DC, applied through a solder bias pin, and draws 680 mA.

Although designed with WR19 waveguide to cover 40 to 60 GHz, the SPU-20-20W can be delivered with 1.85 mm coaxial connectors. In the coaxial configuration, the upper frequency extends to 65 GHz, with similar performance. Since this amplifier also works well down to 37.5 GHz, it can be used as an intermediate amplifier to drive passive frequency doublers for W-Band, with WR10, or to 130 GHz, with WR8 waveguide.

Spacek Labs offers both standard and custom designed amplifiers from 10 to 110 GHz. Modular construction enables a variety of configurations to meet specific requirements. Should customers need customized solutions, rather than the standard products offered on the website, Spacek Labs’ engineers and in-house CNC machining facility can tailor the design.

For more than 30 years, Spacek Labs has been dedicated to providing the highest quality mmWave and microwave components and subassemblies to industry, research institutions, universities and government, from commercial to military and space applications.

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