Spacek Labs model FSP94-2 is a narrow (2 percent bandwidth) bandpass filter from its new line of FSP Series waveguide filters. Designed in WR-10 waveguide, the FSP94-2 has a passband of 2 GHz centered at 94 GHz. The lower and upper 20 dB reject points are 92 and 96 GHz respectively. Insertion loss is 1.5 dB typ and 2.5 dB max.  These filters are designed and built to your custom requirements utilizing our in-house design and manufacturing facilities. Spacek Labs' engineers can further optimize filter performance by combining our various filter technologies to obtain the best performing filter for your project needs.

The FSP Series of waveguide bandpass filters are available with center frequencies from 18 up to 110 GHz and have bandwidths from 1 to 10percent. Typical insertion loss of this series is as low as 0.5 dB. These filters are also available with coaxial input/output connectors.