A new technical book “Telemetry Communications Systems Simplified” by Hal Altan, has been published and is available on Amazon.com. Telemetry Communications is unique and can be complicated. This book simplifies the topics on Telemetry Communications Systems, provides the reader with easy steps to design the telemetry communications system from the transmit side to the receiver site, and helps calculate system parameters. Engineering calculations from the author’s notebook and applicable reminder, essential mathematics sections are also included.

The author, Hal Altan (MSEE), has over 40 years of diverse experience in the aerospace telecommunications industry. With four inventions recorded under his name, Altan is the recipient of several awards from various organizations, such as Honeywell Aerospace and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Altan has conducted telemetry training sessions at International Telemetry Conferences (ITC) for over 10 years and delivered various technical papers. He repeated his telemetry courses internationally at Telemetry Test Sites and several related organizations and universities.  As a professor at DeVry University, he taught Advance Communication Systems and Circuit Analysis courses, directed graduation projects.

Visit author’s page at www.telemetrysimple.com for a link and various useful calculation and presentation tools.