Qorvo and Lockheed Martin (LM) have teamed up for the last decade to create trusted microelectronics for the U.S. military’s top systems. One example is the S-Band AN/TPQ-53, or Q-53, counterfire radar. More than 100 systems have been manufactured for the U.S. Army.

Developed as a replacement for the AN/TPQ-36 and AN/TPQ-37, the Q-53 active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar detects, locates and classifies incoming rockets and mortars, allowing time for shelter and counterfire opportunities. First in the battlefield and last out, the Q-53 is highly mobile and can be set up rapidly to provide counterfire target acquisition.

The AN/TPQ-53 counterfire radar system is comprised of two vehicles. One truck, the Mission Essential Group, contains the radar antenna and power generator; the second truck, the Sustainment Group, carries the operations shelter and backup power generator. The Lockheed Martin-Qorvo team manufactures five MMICs used in the T/R module in the phased array antenna.

More about the Qorvo-Lockheed Martin collaboration can be found here on Qorvo's website.