IGT2731M130 is a 50-Ohm matched high-power GaN HEMT transistor, suppling a minimum of 130 W of peak pulsed power, a gain of 13.5 dB and a drain efficiency of 55%, at pulse conditions of 300 microseconds/10% duty cycle. It operates at the instantaneous operating frequency range of 2.7 to 3.1 GHz, and is a depletion-mode device that requires a negative gate bias voltage and bias sequencing.

This product comes in package PL44A1, sized at 0.800” wide and 0.400” long. Earless, it is 0.400” wide and 0.400” long. Assembled via chip and wire technology, utilizing gold metallization, this unit is housed in a metal-based package and sealed with a ceramic-epoxy lid.