W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. (Gore) will showcase its selection of proven, long-lasting GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies at the 2018 AIX (Aircraft Interiors Expo) in Hamburg, Germany on April 10-12 in Booth #2E60. Gore’s selection of failure-free cable assemblies delivers stable, low-loss RF connectivity for applications such as SATCOM antennas, ATG networks, active electronically-steered phased arrays, navigation/communication systems, in-flight connectivity for Wi-Fi and more. They are thoroughly tested and qualified to ensure that every cable assembly will provide the highest quality performance required for today’s and tomorrow’s connected aircraft.

Engineered for tough aerospace conditions, Gore’s durable cable assemblies tolerate repeated vibration, shock, abrasion, harsh contaminants and fluctuating temperatures while delivering reliable signal transmission. They also simplify installation due to smaller, lighter-weight designs with greater flexibility and a tighter bend radius ideal for complex routing in overcrowded airframes. Ultimately, these cable assemblies reduce replacements, decrease maintenance and downtime, improve fuel efficiency, increase cargo and lower total cost of ownership.

Full Product Line with Robust Connector Options

GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies, Types 5H, G5 and 8W deliver dependable signal integrity for Ka- and Ku-Band applications. Gore’s Type 5H is optimized specifically for Ka-Band applications operating at higher frequencies up to 32 GHz. These cable assemblies provide excellent insertion/return loss with outstanding shielding effectiveness over the aircraft’s service life. 

The 6 Series of GORE-FLIGHT™ Microwave Assemblies for Ku-Band applications are proven to maintain the lowest insertion loss and more reliable VSWR performance up to 18 GHz before/after installation, during use and over time. The 7 Series of GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies are designed precisely to prevent the ingress of water vapor, fuel and other hazardous contaminants. They routinely maintain low insertion/return loss with excellent phase stability and shielding effectiveness up to 18 GHz for Ku- and L-Band applications. 

Gore also offers a variety of robust, compact connector options accurately tailored to optimize assembly performance and increase flexibility in system design layout. 

Online Cable Builder

The GORE™ Microwave/RF Assembly Builder is a step-by-step tool that allows you to configure and request a quote for an assembly with different connector options, assembly lengths and frequencies.

High-Performance Aerospace Solutions

Gore’s full line of microwave/RF airframe assemblies accompanies its extensive catalog of aerospace cables and materials, including a wide range of high data rate cables, diverse series of aircraft sealants and more. For more information about Gore’s high performance aerospace solutions, visit Booth #2E60 at AIX.