You, as engineers, are masters of efficiency. Your design teams use simulation software to save time before building working prototypes. Your test teams move from benchtop to modular to save space and gain performance. You search for the best international talent. All in the name of efficiency!

Yet, you spend hours correlating measurements from separate workflows. You program data into different software, two or three times. You write workarounds because your hardware and software do not natively talk to each other. You rely on your IT team to produce the analytics necessary to make decisions on your design of experiments. Why, in this connected, almost 5G world, are your product development teams still working with siloed datasets and disconnected workflows—with high risk of errors?

Why? Because, until now, an integrated and connected solution was not available. Now, you can take advantage of the technology of the future and integrate your design and test workflow with Keysight PathWave.

What is Keysight PathWave?

PathWave is an open, scalable and predictive software platform that integrates hardware and software at each stage in the product development workflow. It combines design software, instrument control and application-specific test software in an open development environment, allowing you to quickly create high performance solutions.

The PathWave software platform provides flexible and immediate access to the design and test tools you need, when you need them. Interoperability of the design and test tools and advanced data management significantly speeds the product development cycle, eliminating the need to recreate individual measurements and test plans at each discrete stage of the process. You can be confident in the results, because PathWave is built on Keysight’s expertise to ensure consistency, accuracy and measurement integrity.

How is PathWave open, Scalable and Predictive?

PathWave is open for integration with third-party hardware and software, allowing you to quickly connect compatible hardware to speed test workflows. The open APIs enable simplified and rapid customization, allowing you to connect and integrate all design and test resources.

Figure 1

Figure 1 PathWave Test provides an environment for launching a portfolio of measurement, test automation and data management tools.

PathWave offers a modular software architecture that scales to your requirements. It can be deployed on a desktop or in the cloud, offering scalable computing power to meet varying workloads. It provides a common user interface, accelerating programming across multiple test resources.

PathWave performs advanced data analytics to drive improvement and efficiency. It provides powerful analysis tools to mine data sets, determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. It also delivers a global, 360-degree view of operations and asset management. PathWave improves productivity and asset utilization with built-in predictive algorithms.

PathWave is the industry’s first software platform integrating design, test, measurement and analysis. It offers a wide range of plug-ins and applications built on a common architecture and framework. It is available in a variety of configurations for specific users, such as design or test engineers. You can build specific solutions by selecting the appropriate plug-ins and integrating application-specific content. Built using open, scalable and predictive principles, the platform can be enhanced by you.

Here are three examples of what can be found on the PathWave platform:

Figure 2

Figure 2 PathWave Analytics has built-in algorithms to predict downtimes and mitigate the risk of failure.

PathWave Test

Ensure your test software never slows you down. Keysight PathWave Test provides a portfolio of powerful measurement, test automation and data management tools. From simple test plans to complex distributed enterprise systems, PathWave Test provides seamless data access, ensuring interoperability at any point in the workflow. Leveraging Keysight’s trusted algorithms, PathWave Test assures your design, analysis and test results will be consistent throughout the product life cycle (see Figure 1).

PathWave Analytics

All instruments can fail. You, as a manufacturing engineer, know it is your job to identify and fix failures as soon as possible. Would it not be better to predict failures with a high level of confidence? Keysight PathWave Analytics is an Industry 4.0 solution, allowing you greater insight into your data. It is platform agnostic and comes with built-in predictive and automated anomaly-detection algorithms, to alert you when your instrument is about to fail or outliers are detected. You can perform real-time data analysis to increase productivity and asset utilization on your manufacturing line (see Figure 2).

PathWave FPGA

Figure 3

Figure 3 PathWave FPGA is a system-level FPGA development environment that creates, deploys and simulates custom hardware acceleration directly in Keysight instruments.

Today, prototyping is accelerated using modular instruments with open FPGAs. Inserting custom logic into these FPGAs using Keysight PathWave FPGA cuts weeks off prototyping spins. The logic, running more closely coupled with the signal path, provides a powerful “hardware in the loop” method to accelerate test time and provide more realistic results. Tests can be optimized to customer specifications, with custom protocols and generation and detection algorithms, filters, DSP blocks and other processes. Schematically-oriented FPGA design tools automatically compile down to the FPGAs in Keysight instruments with little or no FPGA programming experience needed (see Figure 3).

PathWave Accelerates Your Workflow

PathWave offers a set of integrated software products for your entire design, test and verification workflow. These products are connected, interoperable and rapidly reconfigurable, delivering the industry’s most integrated software platform and enabling you to allocate the right computing resources, evaluate collected data, predict bottlenecks and rapidly correct issues to ensure the most efficient workflow. Adopting Keysight PathWave is a partnership between you and Keysight that accelerates your workflow.

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