Richardson RFPD Inc. announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new 150 W peak power LDMOS transistor from NXP Semiconductors.

The AFT31150N is designed for applications operating at frequencies between 2700 and 3100 MHz. It is suitable for use in pulse applications.

The new transistor is characterized with series-equivalent large-signal impedance parameters and is internally matched for ease-of-use. It is qualified up to a maximum of 32 VDD operation, with integrated ESD protection and greater negative gate source voltage range for improved Class C operation. The new device is included in Included in NXP’s product longevity program with assured supply for a minimum of 15 years after launch.

The AFT31150N is ideally suited for commercial S-band radar systems, maritime radar and weather radar applications.

Additional key features of the AFT31150N include:

  • P1 dB: +51.8 dBm
  • Power gain: 17 dB at 3100 MHz
  • Efficiency: 50 percent
  • Thermal resistance: 0.042 °C/W