A Danish defense agreement for the years 2018-2023 has been reached supported by the Government, The Danish People's Party, The Social Democrats, and the Social-Liberal Party.

As a key industrial leader and technology leader the agreement is a key driver for future defense activity for Denmark’s Terma A/S, prompting the company’s CEO and President Jens Maaløe to state: "We are pleased to see the outcome of the political negotiations for the Danish defense sector and the support for the agreement across the political parties in the Danish Parliament. The agreement brings Denmark closer to meeting NATO’s defense investment and spending goals.

With this agreement, an increased budget for the development of the Danish defense for the coming six years has been set. This stable long-term agreement gives the Defense authorities and the private sector the possibility to engage in constructive cooperation about the material requirements for a modern defense with international reach. In Terma, we are ready to support Denmark in this development.

Terma and the Danish defense industry hold key competences that will continue to support Denmark’s strengthening of the defense.

Denmark will continue its path towards a Ballistic Missile Defense Capability, naval area air defense, and anti-submarine warfare. The Danish army will be significantly strengthened with among other capabilities Ground Based Air Defense.

Given challenges of cyber threats and a general worsening international threat environment we welcome the political will to increase defense spending during the agreement period.”