GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) announced that its 45 nm RF SOI (45RFSOI) technology platform has been qualified and is ready for volume production. Several customers are currently engaged with this advanced RF SOI process targeted for 5G mmWave front-end module (FEM) applications, including smartphones and mmWave beamforming systems in base stations.

As next-generation systems move to frequencies above 24 GHz, to take advantage of the large available bandwidth in the mmWave spectrum, higher performance RF silicon solutions are required. GF’s 45RFSOI platform is optimized for beamforming FEMs, with features that improve RF performance through combining high frequency transistors, high resistivity silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates and ultra-thick copper wiring. The SOI technology enables integration of power amplifiers, switches, LNAs, phase shifters, up-/down-converters and VCO/PLLs, lowering cost, size and power compared to competing technologies.

GF’s RF SOI solutions are part of the company’s vision to develop and deliver the next wave of 5G technology, aimed at enabling connected intelligence for next-generation devices, networks and wired/wireless systems. GF has a successful track record in manufacturing RF SOI solutions at its 300-mm production line in East Fishkill, New York.

“GF continues to expand its RF capabilities and portfolio to provide competitive RF SOI advantages and manufacturing excellence that will enable our customers to play a critical role in bringing 5G devices and networks to real-world environments. Our 45RFSOI is an ideal technology for customers that are looking to deliver the highest performing mmWave solutions that will handle demanding performance requirements in next-generation mobile and 5G communications.” — Bami Bastani, senior vice president of the RF business unit at GF

“GF’s leadership in RF SOI solutions makes the company a perfect strategic partner for Peregrine’s next generation of RF SOI technologies. It enables us to create RF solutions that provide our customers with new levels of product performance, reliability and scalability, and it allows us to push the envelope of integrated RF front-end innovation for evolving mmWave applications and emerging 5G markets.” — Jim Cable, chairman and CTO of pSemi

“To bring 5G into the future, mmWave innovations are needed for allocating more bandwidth to deliver faster, higher-quality video and multimedia content and services. GF’s RF SOI technology leadership and 45RFSOI platform enables Anokiwave to develop differentiated solutions designed to operate between the mmWave and sub-6 GHz frequency band for high-speed wireless communications and networks.” — Bob Donahue, CEO of Anokiwave