Modelithics Inc. and Würth Elektronik have recently collaborated on the development of new Microwave Global Models™ for multiple inductor families from Würth Elektronik. Models are now available for the WE-KI HC High Current Wire Wound Ceramic Inductor 0402 series and 0603 series, covering 1.0 to 51 nH and 1.8 to 390 nH, respectively. In addition, five WE-CAIR air coil series have been modeled: 1322, 1340, 3136, 3168 and 4248, overall covering 1.0 to 390 nH. All models have been validated to 30 GHz.

Each of these models includes advanced features that significantly accelerate and improve the accuracy of high frequency electronic design simulations. The features include scalable parameters for substrate properties, pad dimensions and part value, compatibility with EDA tuning and optimization tools, thorough model datasheets and more. The models are engineered to give RF and microwave designers powerful design analysis capability and very accurate simulations with the first pass.

 The models for the Würth WE-KI HC and WE-CAIR inductors are formatted for seamless integration into popular design tools including Keysight ADS and Genesys, NI AWR Design Environment, ANSYS HFSS and Sonnet Suites. Würth Elektronik is a Sponsoring MVP (Modelithics Vendor Partner), and are sponsoring FREE 90-day trials of Wurth component models available from Modelithics.