Saelig Company Inc. announces the availability of the Rigol Technologies RSA5000 Series of RF spectrum analyzers. These real-time devices scan a complete frequency spectrum of 9 kHz to 3.2 or 6.5 GHz with a maximum sample rate of 51.2 ms/s. They offer significant performance improvements over traditional swept spectrum analyzers with a 1 ms full span sweep, an expanded vertical range to +30 dBm, reduced phase noise to -108 dBc/Hz, 1 Hz RBW (resolution bandwidth) and a reduced noise floor (DANL) to -165 dBm. They can also be used in a traditional swept scan mode.

Offering up to 40 MHz real-time bandwidth, the RSA5000 series calculate > 146,000 FFTs/sec, delivering down to 7.45 us for a 100 percent probability of intercept. They provide seven display modes (Normal, Density, Spectogram, Power v. Time, Density and Spectogram, PVT and Spectrum, PVT and Spectrogram) and include a Frequency Mask Trigger. The Frequency Mask Trigger is especially useful for triggering measurements of sporadic or transient events.

The flexible user interface allows customers a choice for interacting with the units since they feature a 10.1 in. capacitive touch screen display with gesture support, mouse/keyboard support, as well as traditional knob and button control. Rigol calls the high speed real-time measurement technology of these units "Ultra-Real" to describe the rapid signal acquisition and data analysis, together with various display modes that facilitate comprehensive signal interpretation. 

Tracking Generator versions are also available that add a built-in signal source of 100 kHz to 3.2/6.5 GHz with an output range of -40 to 0 dBm for plotting circuit or component frequency responses. 

Building on the tremendous success of Rigol's DSA800 series of swept spectrum analyzers, the RSA5000 series of analyzers offer a combination of outstanding swept spectrum performance and 40 MHz real-time bandwidth, with category leading 7.45 us POI, making the RSA5000 a great choice for customers in spectrum monitoring, transmitter test, RF component characterization and EMI applications. Customers working with hopping/channel shifting technologies in crowded ISM bands will find a real-time analyzer essential, as will customers integrating PLL technology in their designs, identifying sources of interference or characterizing rapidly pulsing applications: all will benefit from the seamless capture capabilities of the real-time spectrum analysis capability of the RSA5000 series. Real-time spectrum analyzers are essential for anyone dealing with signals that vary dynamically in amplitude or are agile in frequency: pulsed radar systems, frequency-hopping spread spectrum radios and pulse modulated radios; multi-signal environments: ISM bands--915 MHz, 2.4, 5.8; or unwanted signals such as unintentional or self-interference, intentional interference (jammers) and listening devices (bugs).