Marki Microwave is introducing three new passive GaAs MMIC mixers, each covering RF/LO from 2 to 12 GHz and IF from DC to 3 GHz. These broadband mixers are of similar design and offer exceptional port-to-port isolations with LO-IF approaching 50 dBc.

What differentiates each mixer is the required LO drive and the resulting linearity:

  • The MM1-0212L will operate with as low as +1 dBm LO drive and provide IIP3 up to +14 dBm at nominal drive levels of +9 dBm.
  • The MM1-0212H has a nominal LO drive of +15 dBm with IIP3 of +23 dBm.
  • For the most demanding applications, the MM1-0212S has a nominal LO drive of +20 dBm (up to +23 dBm) and provides an outstanding IIP3 of +29 dBm.

These new products are part of Marki's growing line of industry-leading GaAs MMIC mixers. They are available now as bare die or in connectorized modules; QFN surface-mount options will be available in Q2.