High Power Pulse Modulator
The PowerMod™ HVPM solid-state, high power pulse modulator features fast rise and fall times of 5 ms for use in ion implantation, high energy physics, semiconductor and flat-panel display manufacturing. The PowerMod delivers up to 3 mW of peak pulses (20 kV, 150 A) at up to 30 kHz and insertion loss of less than 0.2 dB. Nominal pulse width is 1 to 100 ms and nominal pulse frequency is 0 to 30 kHz. Offering full internal self-protection against over-voltage and over-current conditions, the PowerMod is well suited for upgrading switch tubes or thyratron/PFN systems. The 19-inch rack-mountable unit is fully air-cooled and insulated and measures 19.0" x 30.0" x 24.0". Price: $50,000.
Diversified Technologies Inc., Bedford, MA (781) 275-9444.

Bi-directional Coaxial Switch Matrix
The model 2101 DC to 18 GHz bi-directional coaxial switch matrix is configured with up to 10 inputs and 10 outputs. Designed specifically for automatic testing equipment, environmental/laboratory test equipment and programmable patch panel/interconnect applications, the switch matrix provides a solid-state controller with a front-panel liquid crystal display and keypad for manual override and two remote interfaces (RS232 and IEEE-488 general-purpose interface bus). Impedance is 50 W, switching speed is 20 ms and input power is 85 to 264 V AC (47 to 440 Hz). Operating temperature is 0° to +50°C. The switch matrix measures 7.00" x 19.0" x 20.0" designed with electromagnetic interference integrity.
Dow-Key Microwave Corp., Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260.