MiniRF announces a set of new transformers that will enhance performance of push pull and power doubler MCM solutions.

MiniRF offers the passive solution to complement most active GaN amplifiers achieving higher output and lower loss. MiniRF reduces the overall circuit insertion loss and improves the return loss for most MCM solutions that utilize a 1:1 input and the 1:2.78 output transformer to achieve DOCSIS 3.1 push pull and power doubler surface mount solutions. The company have selected the ideal magnetic cores and established proper repeatable wire windings to provide excellent cancellation of signal mismatches and achieve excellent phase/amplitude balance for the RFCM and RFAM family of products.

MiniRF's MRFXF0035, MRFXF0026 and MRFXF0024 offer a drop-in solution that will shave both NF and Pout without compromising distortion. They are pin compatible with the older RFMD baluns and provide the margin of difference in any design in mfg higher performance DOCSIS 3.1 solutions. When using Qorvo RFCM3327/28 or the RFCM3620/3790 type product, consider the MiniRF for the high performance passives that will make a difference to your customer.

For the input, the MiniRF MRFXF0035 provides > 25 dB RL and typically 0.6 dB across the entire 45 to 1218 Mhz Band. On the output, the combination of the MRFXF0026 and MRFXF0024 transforms the higher impedance of the MCM amplifiers to 75 ohms with approx 0.5 dB less loss and 25 dB return loss providing the higher output you need.