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Designed for DOCSIS 3.1, MiniRF’s next generation broadband transformer covers 45 to 1218 MHz without sacrificing performance. The MRFXF0035 is a 75 Ω, 1:1 transformer with 0.6 dB typical insertion loss and 25 dB input return loss. Amplitude and phase balance between the two outputs are typically 0.2 dB and 3 degrees, respectively. The transmission line design transforms an unbalanced input to a balanced output, and the low insertion loss, high return loss and good balance provide the maximum drive for push-pull amplifiers, while minimizing imbalance and channel distortion.

The MRFXF0035 design is RoHS compliant, constructed using a ceramic substrate and weld bonds to yield a rugged, reliable product; MiniRF’s mature manufacturing process ensures repeatability. The small, surface-mount package fits the industry standard, four-pad, 0.15 in x 0.15 in footprint, which makes it drop-in compatible with transformers from multiple manufacturers. With a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) package, the MRFXF0035 is guaranteed to operate from −40°C to + 100°C.

Samples may be ordered from RFMW Ltd. or through MiniRF’s sales representatives, and production quantities are available in tape-and-reel format.

MiniRF is a new name for a passive component company with more than 20 years design and manufacturing experience. The company was formed by Premier Devices Inc. (PDI) in the early 1990s, acquired by Sirenza Microdevices in 2006, which was subsequently acquired by RFMD. MiniRF has returned to its roots: developing and manufacturing only passive components.

Fremont, Calif.