Radiall will showcase new innovative microwave products at European Microwave Week (EuMW). Highlights include the new Quartz series of SMT switches up to 26.5 GHz for test and measurement applications, V-Band millimeter wave antennas for Telecom applications and a range of other high performance and reliable switch solutions.  

The company’s new Quartz series is a major evolution when compared to the previous SMT relay. It provides higher frequency up to 26.5 GHz with excellent reliability, hermeticity and thermal resistance. Moreover, the life span of the product will increase up to 3 million cycles guaranteed, and 5 million cycles typical. With this new range of SMT relays, Radiall claims to offer the perfect balance between higher frequency relays and miniaturization.

The V-Band millimeter wave antenna is dedicated to telecom applications for integration in small cells, backhaul and fronthaul radio systems. This new solution provides 32 dBi bore sight gain from 57 to 66 GHz, coinciding with the normal axis of the antenna, helping to facilitate quick and easy alignment between radio units (optical technology or not), which is mandatory for applications such as small cells, backhaul/fronthaul links and WiGig. Designed for outdoor installations, the antenna is also tested in accordance with the IEC 60068-2 environmental standard and is IP67 rated. The electrical design of the product makes it compliant with ETSI class 2. At the booth during the show, a demonstration will also display the concept of beam steering antennas at 60 GHz.

Other Radiall products will be highlighted such as the complete range of 50 GHz microwave switches. With a new patented design based on RAMSES concept, the company is able to offer 50 GHz SPDT, DP3T, DPDT & SP4T with 2.4 mm connectors. The unterminated SP6T version offered by Radiall has no equivalent product available on worldwide market.