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Specifically designed to meet the cellular industry’s demands for more power efficient base stations, the Gen10 series of LDMOS RF power transistors reduces power consumption, shrinks the size and weight of the power amplifier (PA) and lowers the operating temperature of infrastructure equipment. Thanks to an innovative implementation of internal decoupling, the Gen10 series enables wideband operation, where a single PA can cover a complete LTE band simultaneously.

The Gen10 series of RF power transistors includes the:

  • BLC10G18XS-320AVT—In a Doherty PA covering 1805 to 1880 MHz, this transistor provides 47.5 dBm average power and an efficiency > 51.5 percent.
  • BLC10G20LS-240PWT—In a three-way Doherty covering 1805 to 1880 MHz, the PA provides 47.5 dBm average power and > 52 percent efficiency.
  • BLC10G22LS-100AWT—The transistor provides 42 dBm average power and > 49.3 percent efficiency over 2110 to 2200 MHz.
  • BLC10G22XS-400AVT—This device provides 49.4 dBm average power and > 48.6 percent efficiency over 2110 to 2200 MHz.
  • BLC10G27XS-320AVT—Covering 2500 to 2700 MHz, the transistor delivers 47.1 dBm average power and > 47.5 percent efficiency.

Significantly, Gen10 devices are assembled using Ampleon’s ACP3 packaging, which is being rolled out across the company’s entire LDMOS and GaN product portfolio. The ACP3, a copper flanged air cavity package, is claimed to offer double-digit cost savings compared to previous packaging platforms and typically 25 percent lower thermal resistance. The ACP3 format enables higher power capability along with improved reliability, gain and efficiency characteristics. 

Key applications for ACP3 devices like the Gen10 series include PAs for LTE radio access networks, where the commercial pressures of cost, size and power consumption are paramount.

Nijmegen, Netherlands