Custom MMIC has added to their growing line of high performance MMIC doublers with the CMD226N3 broadband frequency doubler. The MMIC handles an input frequency from 7 to 11 GHz (C- and X-Band), with the output in Ku- and K-Band.

The passive GaAs design has low conversion loss and excellent f0 isolation, making it ideal for LO chains in military radar, SMDS, SATCOM, VSAT and point-to-point microwave and millimeter wave radio for cellular backhaul. With a drive level of +15 dBm, conversion loss is 9 dB at 18 GHz and f0 isolation is 44 dB. The 3f0 and 4f0 isolation values are at least 48 and 50 dBc, respectively.

Extremely temperature stable, conversion gain varies less than 2 dB from nominal across the entire frequency band and is stable under varying drive conditions. The CMD226N3’s passive design exhibits excellent phase noise performance and does not require biasing circuitry. It is matched to 50 Ω, eliminating the need to match the device.

The broadband doubler is housed in a QFN-style package.

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