Connected cars utilize a large number of wireless applications that must reliably function in parallel. To offer solutions to make that possible Rohde & Schwarz exhibited innovative solutions for testing automotive radar, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and automotive bus systems at Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) 2017, which was held in Stuttgart, Germany from 20 to 22 June.

Under the motto, Driving tomorrow’s mobility, the company showcased innovative test solutions for the development and production of automotive radar sensors used in driver assistance systems. One highlight was the new R&S ATS1000 antenna test system for antennas up into the highest millimeter wave range. The system was on display as a test solution for automated antenna pattern and power measurements on radar sensors, a solution that delivers precise 3D far-field characterization thanks to the R&S QuickStep test automation software. The system is housed in a portable shielded box, making it suitable for development tasks in the lab and for production environments.

The R&S FSW85 high-end signal and spectrum analyzer was also showcased. Featuring a frequency range of 2 Hz to 85 GHz, it is ideal for analyzing automotive radar sensors designed for frequency bands around 24 GHz and 79 GHz. With a bandwidth of 2 GHz, it can demodulate and comprehensively analyze automotive radar signals using the R&S FSW-K6C analysis software for radar signals.

Also, the ARTS9510 turnkey automotive radar target simulator is designed for development, validation and production testing of automotive radar sensors. It simulates the distance, speed and size of static and dynamic objects and the easy-to-configure instrument can be integrated into test systems and shielded chambers.

WLAN standard IEEE 802.11p (11p, pWLAN) specifies a technology for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. Rohde & Schwarz offers several test solutions for development, certification and coexistence tests. One highlight at ATE was the first test solution that can be integrated into 11p component and device production processes. Based on the R&S CMW100 turnkey production test platform with the R&S CMWrun sequencer software tool, the integrated test concept is designed for fully automated, high-throughput production environments.

The testing requirements for automatic car emergency call systems remain a relevant issue, both for the European eCall (mandatory in the EU starting in April 2018) and the Russian ERA-Glonass, which is already in place. At ATE Rohde & Schwarz used the eCall/ERA-Glonass test system, consisting of the R&S CMW500 and the GNSS-capable R&S SMBV100A vector signal generator, to demonstrate its proven solution for standard-compliant, end-to-end testing of eCall/ERA-Glonass modules.

Other highlights included the portable R&S Scope Rider RTH oscilloscope that can be utilized for mobile test applications, e.g. during drive tests. It offers isolated inputs and the functionality and user experience of a modern lab oscilloscope. The compact instrument combines eight test instruments in one and now also offers triggering and decoding solutions for CAN/LIN, CAN-FD and SENT bus signals. All these features combined with easy operation make this handheld oscilloscope ideal for use in the automotive environment.