Epec Engineered Technologies announced the acquisition of high-reliability custom radio frequency (RF) product manufacturer—Putnam RF Filters, Inc.

Putnam was founded in 2008 in Manchester, N.H. and was designed to serve the military and aerospace industries. With a focus on manufacturing printed circuits board based RF filters, diplexer and other custom products.

Epec now offers full design and manufacturing of RF filters which are passive multiport device(s) that allows signals to pass through at discreet frequencies but rejects any frequency outside of a specified range. These devices are typically used in satellite systems, mobile communications, radar systems, medical imaging equipment, remote‐sensing systems and electronic warfare systems.

Ed McMahon, CEO of Epec said, "High-reliability custom RF products fit perfectly into our brand promise of providing customers with manufacturing that eliminates risk and improves reliability as Putnam RF Filters is at the leading edge of this technology. With our considerable hi-tech manufacturing investment in both the U.S. and Asia, as well our history as one of the oldest PCB manufacturers in the U.S., we are well positioned to dramatically build this new product offering on the technology and the experience of Putnam RF Filters."

Mark Stanley, president of Putnam RF Filters, shared, "Epec has invested in the right equipment and facilities, including their Navy Flight Hardware Certified facility in Largo, Fla. where all our RF products will now be manufactured. This investment will allow us to offer the highest quality product and much faster development times while maintaining cost effectiveness for our customers."

McMahon added, "We are very excited about our first acquisition in the RF products space and we look to grow by winning more projects with our key customers along with continuing to look for more acquisitions in this industry".