Remtec Inc. has added gold tin plated Ceramic Combo Lids to its line of ceramic SMT packages. Now designers can complement a full line of hermetic, ceramic SMT substrates and packages with high-reliability gold tin plated Ceramic Combo Lids, all from a single source.

Remtec has developed a proprietary technique combining PCTF metallization and gold tin plating to produce the high-reliability Ceramic Combo Lids. Remtec’s Combo Lids provide labor savings via the elimination of manual preform attachment, especially on small profile applications. In addition, an unique gold tin plating technology greatly reduces the amount of solder voids common for lids with tack-welded gold tin preforms, thus resulting in higher production yields.

Remtec’s Ceramic Combo Lids are available in two types: a flat gold tin plated lid and a five-sided box or “cavity lid”. Both styles exhibit excellent void-free soldering ensuring full hermeticity when used with high-reliability hermetic substrates or packages. Remtec’s proprietary manufacturing process provides uniform gold tin flow and the ability to vary the thickness according to the needs of the application. Remtec’s ceramic lids meet military standards and are available in prototype, small lot, and production quantities.

The applications for Remtec’s new gold tin plated Ceramic Combo Lids include military, aerospace, avionics and high-reliability electronics.