Directional Ceiling-mount Array
The model S1857MD directional PCS-band antenna for ceiling-mount applications exhibits 7 dBi of gain in the 1850 to 1990 MHz frequency band. The antenna’s housing is vacuum-formed from UV stabile thermoplastic and best suited for use with microcells, picocells and RF distribution systems where directional coverage is desirable from a mounting location overhead. (Standard models are available in white with a textured finish.) The antenna measures 3.75" x 7.25" x 2.00" and weighs 3.2 oz.
Cushcraft Corp., Manchester, NH (603) 627-7877.


LMDS Hub Antennas
The SectorShape™ antennas for local multipoint distribution system (LMDS) hubs are designed using a highly automated process that takes advantage of advanced electromagnetic analysis and artificial intelligence and provide good conformance to pattern requirements in point-to-multipoint systems. Horizontal and vertical polarization are available as well as 45° and 90° azimuth coverage. Covering the 24.5 to 32 GHz range in three frequency bands, the antennas offer greater than 40 dB cross-polar rejection at all angles without the need for a polarizer. Gains for the 45° azimuth are typically 22.5 to 23.5 dBi while the 90° azimuth demonstrates gains of 20 to 21 dBi. The antennas are weather sealed and UV hardened, and optional heated radomes ensure continued operation in ice and snow conditions.
REMEC Magnum Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 432-9898.