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Expanding its family of Ka-Band beamforming ICs for 5G, Anokiwave has introduced 39 GHz transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) ICs that complement their 28 GHz offering. Operating from 37.1 to 40 GHz, the AWMF-0123 and AWMF-0125 “quad core chips” support four radiating elements, with 5-bit phase and 5-bit gain beam steering at each antenna element. The AWMF-0123/5 ICs offer adjustable Tx output power, with a 1 dB compression point of +12 dBm and a 5.0 dB Rx noise figure. The ICs are assembled in a 3.7 mm x 3.7 mm wafer level chip scale packages (WLCSP) for low inductance, flip chip integration in a 39 GHz planar phased array. The devices have ESD protection on all pins and are biased with +1.8 V.

The focus of 5G millimeter wave development is currently at 28 and 39 GHz, two bands garnering the most investment by operators and network equipment manufacturers. Working with Ball Aerospace, Anokiwave recently announced the availability of a 64 element, 28 GHz active electronically scanned array using their Tx and Rx beam steering ICs. The AWMF-0129 is the first commercially available array, developed to aid operators and equipment manufacturers quickly prototype and evaluate the 28 GHz spectrum for 5G use. The AWMF-0129 achieves 50 dBmi EIRP and offers users real-time active beam steering, timing control and choice of waveforms.

Anokiwave has been developing silicon ICs for microwave and millimeter wave systems since 1999. Their products are used in radar, satellite communications and wireless infrastructure.

San Diego, Calif.