Dual-reflector Earth Station Antenna
This dual-reflector earth station antenna (ESA) supplies good performance for high density data, voice communications networks and broadcast applications. The antenna's dual-reflector Gregorian optical system gives high gain and closely controlled pattern characteristics. Available in C- or Ku-band capabilities, the 6.5-m ESA includes a self-aligning main reflector to eliminate the need for field alignment and a two-port circular receive and transmit C-band combiner that can be field-switched from circular to linear polarization. Stainless-steel hardware provides maximum resistance against corrosion. A wind survival factor of up to 125 mph (200 kph) in any operational position is guaranteed.
Andrew Corp.,
Orland Park, IL
(800) 255-1479.

Chip Multilayer Antenna
The model LDA82 chip multilayer antenna utilizes the company's low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) technology and is designed specifically for licensed and unlicensed applications in the 900 to 2600 MHz frequency spectrum such as personal digital assistants, pagers, cordless telephones and WLAN cards. Features include board space savings, reduced risk of antenna breakage, a robust mechanical design and system design flexibility. The LDA82 employs a ceramic monolithic design that measures 9.5 mm x 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm. Weight: less than 0.3 g. Price: $1 (high volumes).
Murata Electronics North America (MENA),
Smyrna, GA
(800) 831-9172.

High Power Trihedral Corner Reflector
The model 9887-800 compact and rugged high power trihedral corner reflector covers the 150 to 300 MHz frequency band. Power handling is 325 kW at 0.01 duty factor, gain is 8 dBi (min) and SWR is 2 (max). Polarization is linear (rotatable for horizontal or vertical), sidelobes are 13 dB (min) at the E- and H-planes and cross-polarization is 10 dB (min). The RF port is a 3-1/8" 50 W coaxial line.
Seavey Engineering Associates Inc.,
Pembroke, MA
(781) 829-4740.