This week at Satellite 2017, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) is featuring a wide range of innovative Satcom offerings reflecting the company’s ongoing integration of Satcom expertise across many business units. 

Each of the business units of TMS have long had Satcom capabilities and engineering expertise, including Teledyne Cougar, Teledyne MEC, Teledyne Defence & Space, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Teledyne Labtech, and the former Teledyne Microwave and Teledyne KW Microwave.  As a result of the operational consolidation of those companies under the TMS roof, the company now has a very broad and expanding range of leading-edge Satcom products and offerings.

The TMS Satcom portfolio now covers applications for Air, Sea, Land and Space for all bands and power levels.  Products and capabilities are available for both commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and Near COTS applications, but also for full Mil-Spec requirements.  The deep and experienced engineering resources available across the company can also manage De-rating and Worst Case Circuit Analysis. 

Satellite 2017:  Featured TMS Offerings

  • “PowerMax” High Power SSPA System:  From Teledyne Paradise Datacom, the industry’s leading RF power density in a modular system for ground stations as well as low SWaP transceivers, BUCs, and TLNBs for datalink and IFEC applications from TMS.
  • Q-NET Satellite Network Solution:  Also from Paradise, the ‘single box’ solution for service providers demanding more variable throughput services, Q-NET delivers both efficient throughput and high utilization to achieve 50% bandwidth savings and more while maximizing link efficiency, connectivity, and profitability.
  • Tactical / Airborne Satcom:  From TMS, a wide spectrum of small, light SSPAs, Block up Converters (BUCs), Low Noise Blocks (LNBs), and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs).
  • SATCOM TWTs:  Rugged SATCOM Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) for Fixed, Mobile, or Air applications.
  • Channelisers for Space:   These “flexible channelisers” from Teledyne Defence & Space are space-qualified and can support constantly changing frequencies to help deliver broadband internet access services.
  • Multi-Layer Metalbacked PCB:  from Teledyne Labtech, a unique capability for RF assemblies up to 40Ghz.