To emphasize its commitment to the environment TMD Technologies Ltd. (TMD) is replacing its conventional petrol driven corporate car fleet with environment friendly electric vehicles (EVs). This initiative backs up a recent major installation of solar panels on the roof of its headquarters building in Hayes, West London, UK.

TMD’s board directors have already taken the lead, with several already driving fully electric vehicles. Some staff are driving plug-in hybrids, and the aim is to switch to an all-electric fleet as it is renewed.

EVs have no exhaust emissions, with the potential to significantly reduce harmful air pollution in busy towns, and particularly in major cities like London. Furthermore, they can be as much as 400 to 600 percent more efficient than petrol driven models, and are quieter to drive.

Dave Brown, TMD’s Managing Director said: “As a responsible, forward looking manufacturer we pride ourselves on being part of the ‘green living’ society. We have always been prepared to embrace the latest pioneering technology when beneficial, and by switching to EVs we are not only promoting cleaner air but also cutting costs to become an even more efficient company. EVs have far less moving parts than the conventional petrol/diesel cars and are less costly to maintain. With corporate car fleets currently accounting for more than 50 percent of new car sales, the ‘greenness’ of the company car is very important to eco growth and sustainability.”

He continued: “We have installed five charging points at our headquarters in Hayes. The electricity to charge an EV works out about one third of the cost of buying petrol for a similar car and we have already reduced our electricity costs with the installation of our environmentally friendly solar panels. So, reduced pollution and even lower costs – everyone’s a winner!”