Earlier this year TMD Technologies Ltd. (TMD), based in West London, UK, received a major tube production contract that necessitated the construction of a brand new purpose built area for assembly, dress and test. Planning for this significant project began in May 2016 and the first tube completed its testing in October.

Getting such a complex operation up and running successfully first time was a major achievement by TMD and the customer, who recently visited the new facility, was most impressed. To ensure the success of the new test facility project, TMD called on the expertise of many departments and teams, including Production Engineering, Technical Services and IT, and TMD’s Test Equipment Designers and Technicians.

The Production Engineering team was set to work at the very early planning stage and throughout the project. “We needed to ensure that everything was constructed and engineered not only to our highest standards, but with the added benefit of built-in flexibility for future proofing”, said Rob Dent, Production Engineer on the project. “Moreover,” he continued, “we were able to provide some attractive new signage – the icing on the cake!”

The Technical Services and IT Departments were kept busy building walls and doors for the new area, as well as providing test benches, and fitting electrical and IT installations. In addition to all this activity, the Test Equipment Design team designed and built complex new test equipment which worked from day one.

“We are very proud of this new facility, which we consider a flagship for our recent ‘Pride in TMD’ initiative”, said Managing Director Dave Brown, “and the high standard achieved is a benchmark for future developments within the factory.”

The ‘Pride in TMD’ initiative has been formed to recognize and further increase the levels of pride and self-esteem within the company; its people; and the way it operates. It reflects the company’s business integrity and confidence for the future.