At Farnborough International Airshow 2016, TMD Technologies Limited (TMD) will be introducing a new line of Ka-Band, compact microwave power modules (MPMs) to its travelling wave tube (TWT) based range. Exemplified by the new PTX8807 MPM, operating over the technically challenging 30 – 40 GHz frequency range with an output power of 200 W at 100% maximum duty cycle, the new range is designed to meet the exacting demands of radar and EW applications.

The new compact PTX8807 TWT based MPM comprises a high power Ka-Band helix TWT and a matched high density switched mode power supply to form a single ‘drop-in’ microwave amplifier unit, thereby eliminating any high voltage TWT interconnections – and the associated safety and reliability hazards. Also, using one MPM instead of a separate TWT and power supply means that spares logistics and maintenance are simplified.

The PTX8807 is configured to incorporate a variety of TWT models, allowing customers to specify particular duty, frequency and peak power parameters. Factory setting optimizes TWT performance, obviating the need for user adjustments and thus simplifying any replacement in the field. The new MPM also features high electrical efficiency – requiring minimum cooling and providing high reliability over a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +65°C.

Because the high voltage section is fully encapsulated, the PTX8807 is able to operate at high altitudes up to 45,000 ft and high humidity environments up to 95% (non-condensing), allowing easy and trouble-free integration into a variety of airborne platforms. It also offers remote operation and status monitoring, with internal diagnostic outputs and indicators available for BIT purposes.

Nigel Hann, Head of Sales commented: “We are very excited about our new MPM initiatives which now include Ka-Band, responding to current demand. We look forward to discussing these developments at Farnborough with companies operating in the radar, EW and comms markets”.