Phonon Corp. has received an $7.2M order from a leading defense prime contractor for Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) radar pulse compression modules, for 2017 and 2018 delivery, for an air defense system.

SAW subsystems and modules vertically integrate SAW components. They are commonly: waveform generator and receiver modules for pulse compression RADAR systems, multi-channel delay modules for EW receivers, modulators and demodulators for digital communications systems, or compressive receiver modules for ESM and laser radar systems. SAW Subsystems are often for airborne applications which demand very small size, weight and power. They range in price from $10K for a simple moderate quantity SAW module to $100K for a complex low quantity SAW subsystem.

Phonon Corp. is a global leader in designing and manufacturing custom SAW components and modules for defense and space. Custom SAW modules are our primary business. They are the largest exclusive defense and space supplier of SAW products. This technology provides the small size, weight, and power required by defense airborne, space and portable systems.

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