WIPL-D d.o.o., a Serbian developer of commercial electromagnetic (EM) software, has become a key alliance partner and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplying its technology for use within NI AWR software, specifically AntSyn™ antenna synthesis and optimization module. 

The WIPL-D Pro EM engine is based on the method-of-moments (MoM) surface integral equation (SIE) approach and advanced techniques such as higher-order basis functions and quadrilateral meshing, which produces EM simulations with very high accuracy. These techniques, together with software and hardware accelerations, make the WIPL-D engine extremely fast in solving complex antenna problems.

The high speed and accuracy of WIPL-D Pro EM technology makes it an ideal fit for applications such as antenna design and the perfect choice for the EM engine that runs transparently behind AntSyn.

More information on AntSyn can be found at awrcorp.com/products/optional-products/antsyn-antenna-synthesis-module and more information on WIPL-D company and WIPL-D Pro EM technology can be found at wipl-d.com.

Learn more at ni.com/awr.