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K&L is shipping a digitally-controlled bandpass filtering system that tunes anywhere from 700 MHz to 6 GHz and has continuously adjustable bandwidth. The system simplifies LTE and Wi-Fi testing by eliminating the large number of fixed filters required to cover all the bands. This single filter can be tuned to any of the cellular and Wi-Fi bands between 700 MHz and 6 GHz and the filter bandwidth set to the appropriate channel bandwidth. For a center frequency between 700 MHz and 2 GHz, the 1 dB bandwidth can be set from 5 to 40 MHz. For a center frequency between 2 and 5 GHz, the 1 dB bandwidth can be from 10 to 40 MHz, and between 5 and 6 GHz, the bandwidth can range from 12 to 40 MHz. The filter’s harmonic rejection is 60 dBc from DC to 13 GHz.

The filter system has Ethernet, GPIB, USB and RS-232 interfaces with compatible software for automated testing. The user interface works with smartphones, tablets and traditional PCs. The filter system measures 27" × 31" × 22" and weighs approximately 200 lbs.

K&L Microwave
Salisbury, Md.