Resonant Inc. will develop up to four temperature compensated (TC) SAW filters for an existing first tier customer, under a new development and licensing agreement the company announced.

The new TC-SAW designs, including a quadplexer for a front-end module, will cover challenging cellular bands, incorporate wafer level packaging (WLP) and require optimization of the module interfaces.

These designs are the first Resonant will do using a TC-SAW process. TC-SAW has better temperature stability compared to mainstream SAW technology, which is an advantage for filtering adjacent frequency bands (e.g., LTE and Wi-Fi).

Terry Lingren, CEO and co-founder of Resonant, said, "These new designs will significantly expand the capability of our ISN development platform by adding TC-SAW design capability to our already robust design suite."

The company did not disclose the terms of the development agreement. However, Resonant stated the company now has 11 products in development with this tier one customer.