“The time of 5G is coming soon. Characterization of OTA performance is going to be a challenge while wireless communications are moving towards higher frequency ranges. We decided to expand our precision engineering to tackle that challenge together with our partner WavePro, by releasing a cutting-edge compact range that can be used to characterize the world’s latest technologies, up to 300 GHz,” said Dr. Benoit Derat, CEO of ART-Fi. “It’s possible to measure an accurate radiation pattern of a laptop with built-in WiGig transmitter within a 1.2 m x 1.2 m x 2.2 m space.”

The new compact range features the latest in precision reflectors developed by WavePro. “The rolled-edge reflector reduces edge diffraction and notably improves quiet-zone ripple, resulting in large quiet zones at low frequencies. The surface is the latest in precision, with just 1 mil (0.025 mm) RMS error,” says Richard Liu, Managing Director of WavePro. “In addition to measuring radiation performances of 5G and mmWave wireless equipment, this compact range can also be used for high performance characterization of highly directive and electrically large antennas as well as RCS testing.”

The results of this quality engineering are in the specifications:

Amplitude taper

Amplitude ripple

Phase variation

Cross polarization level

Frequency range


±0.5dB, < 40GHz

<10°, < 40GHz


Up to 300 GHz (depending on the reflector model)

“Our partner WavePro has 20 years in anechoic chamber design and setup, while our production staff is extremely efficient and our engineers are experienced with cutting-edge EM instrumentation, simulation, antenna design and characterization. Our goal is not only to provide the best compact range available today, but also to treat customers to a great overall experience,” said Dr. Derat.

ART-Fi manufactures the first and only 100% vector probe-array SAR measurement system, and provides several high-tech services and solutions in the wireless compliance and antenna design and development industry.