At European Microwave Week (EuMW), MACOM and X-Microwave announced the availability of MACOM's RF components for use with X-Microwave's online simulation and prototyping platform. MACOM MMICs are pre-configured as drop-in and cascadable components, called X-MWblocks, that enable designers to quickly and easily architect modular, end-to-end RF systems. The available MACOM portfolio spans amplifiers, mixers, frequency multipliers, octave-band VCOs, RF switches, voltage variable attenuators and phase shifters.

The collaboration between MACOM and X-Microwave allows designers to integrate MACOM MMICs with hundreds of compatible, pre-characterized X-MWblock components — all with solderless, building block flexibility. This capability reduces evaluation and design complexity and accelerates time to market.

John Richardson, president and CEO of X-Microwave, said, “X-Microwave is committed to optimizing the design process for RF engineers through every phase of the development process. With the addition of MACOM MMICs to our component ecosystem, X-Microwave users are assured leading-edge RF performance and quality from the foremost innovator in the RF and microwave industry.”

More information about the MACOM-based RF components available for use with the X-Microwave simulation and prototyping platform may be found here.

Video: X-Microwave's modular, building block concept.