Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is expanding its line of GaN HEMTs to add devices with 70 and 100 W output power at Ku-Band, developed for satellite earth stations. Samples will be available beginning October 1, with full availability by January 1, 2017.

Mitsubishi is expanding its Ku-Band GaN HEMT product family to meet the growing demand for satellite communications — especially in Ku-Band, for high speed links under adverse conditions such as natural disasters. Ground stations using GaN power amplifiers have become more common in recent years, as GaN technology has matured.

The 100 W output is among the highest currently available, according to Mitsubishi. Both GaN HEMTs will cover 13.75 to 14.5 GHz and will provide the following performance:

Model Psat (W) Linear Gain (dB)
MGFK48G3745 70 10
MGFK50G3745 100 10
70 and 100 W GaN HEMTs
70 and 100 W GaN HEMTs