ARC Technologies will be showcasing its line of RF absorbers and EMI shielding materials at the Electronic Design Innovation Conference ( exhibition scheduled for September 20-22, 2016 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Mass. Representatives from ARC Technologies will be on hand at Booth #613 to show their latest solutions for noise and interference control for the RF/microwave industry, including Hot Melt and Wave-X absorbers, as well as testing capabilities.  

Hot Melt Absorbers provide a fast and simple way to cut noise by adding easy to apply absorbing materials at any phase in a product’s design and development stages. A wide range of Hot Melt Absorber materials are available for different projects, depending upon application and frequency range. These absorbers are supplied in 6” hot melt sticks, with a 7/16" diameter that fits standard hot melt and hot glue guns.

Wave-X flexible sheets can be used to reduce EMI and crosstalk in near-field applications and suppress noise circuits in RFID and other wireless applications. Wave-X Z EMI noise absorbing materials coat flexible coaxial cables to reduce noise without reducing cable flexibility. Wave-X WT materials blend thermoplastics with conductive fillers to form noise-reducing sheets or custom shapes. Shapes can be formed according to a customer’s requirements to fit over a noise component for effective EMI suppression.

ARC Technologies offers extensive test capabilities to 110 GHz, including measurements of a material’s permittivity (ε) and permeability (μ), parameters critical in optimizing RF/microwave circuit designs. ARC’s focused beam system allows for non-destructive, accurate measurements of these material parameters, including reflection and transmission loss, from 2 to 40 GHz and 75 to 110 GHz.  In addition to electrical testing, our R&D department also offers mechanical testing, analytical testing, environmental testing and thermal testing capabilities.

Visit ARC Technologies at EDI CON to learn more about its high-quality material-based products for noise and interference control as well as test and measurement services. Request a free Engineering Survival Kit (ESK). The ESK is intended to get material engineers started in solving noise issues and help select the EMI shielding/RF absorbing materials best suited for their application.

While providing a complete range of standard absorber products, ARC Technologies also offers dielectric materials, composites, radomes, and radar absorbing materials. Visit for more information.