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Spacek Labs has developed a wideband, tunable frequency source with high output power, the first in a planned product family. Model GKa-300VA-1 produces 500 mW output power over a 4 GHz bandwidth centered at 30 GHz. The Gunn oscillator is tuned using a locking micrometer that inserts a dielectric rod into the iris-coupled resonant cavity. The 30 mW output power of the Gunn source is then amplified to 500 mW with a solid-state output amplifier. The Gunn oscillator is biased with +7 VDC at 0.5 A,and the power amplifier requires +8 VDC at 0.6 A. The output interface can either be coax or waveguide.

Model GKa-300VA-1 is the latest addition to Spacek Labs’ complete line of Gunn oscillators that cover 18 to 110 GHz. Combining broadband Gunn oscillators with power amplifiers creates a high power option for these affordable sources. The output signal can be modulated by adding a varactor to the Gunn oscillator, adding the capability for carrying data with a 100 MHz deviation and a 50 MHz modulation rate. The frequency, bandwidth and output power of the sources can be customized to address more potential applications than just using a stand-alone Gunn oscillator.

Formed in 1982, Spacek Labs is a small, woman-owned business manufacturing microwave and millimeter wave components and subsystems. Products are manufactured at the company’s facilities in Santa Barbara, Calif. with all manufacturing and test equipment in house except for testing shock and vibration.

Spacek Labs Inc.
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