Altium LLC and Computer Simulation Technology (CST) have announced the release of a new Power Distribution Network (PDN) analysis extension for Altium Designer®, the flagship PCB design tool from Altium. PDN Analyzer powered by CST allows PCB designers to easily resolve PDN issues as they arise during a board layout process without requiring physical prototypes or dedicated simulation expertise. The PDN Analyzer provides a complete PDN analysis workflow including voltage and current visualizations in Native 3D, integrated power distribution network analysis, and a fully unified design and analysis workflow in Altium Designer. This tool is available now as an extension to the Altium Designer platform, and those interested can contact the Altium sales team to get started.
“Today’s higher signaling rates, lower voltages, and higher design densities make it critical to have a very efficient power delivery network,” said Jeff Loyer, Signal and Power Integrity Product Manager at Altium. “PDN Analyzer is architected to enable designers of all experience levels to be confident that their power delivery implementations meet today’s requirements. Having PDN Analyzer in Altium Designer enables engineers to quickly and easily analyze and optimize DC power performance without relying on expensive physical prototypes or disconnected, third party alternatives.”

Precise Power Analysis for Every PCB Designer

The PDN Analyzer enables PCB designers of any experience level to easily identify and resolve voltage and current issues in their PDN without ever having to leave their design workspace. With all the necessary PDN analysis tools included in the designer’s workspace in Altium Designer, engineers can take advantage of:
  • Precise PDN analysis for every PCB designer. Engineers can easily identify and resolve DC voltage and current density issues during the board layout process with an intuitive and easy-to-use PDN analysis tool.
  • Unified design and analysis workflow in Altium Designer. Engineers can continuously analyze voltage and current performance throughout the board layout process to ensure your PDN is optimized and error-free.
  • Powerful analysis technology from the CST simulation experts. Engineers can leverage over 30 years of simulation technology from the experts at CST to quickly resolve PDN issues without relying on physical prototypes.
By identifying PDN issues as part of the board layout process, engineers are able to avoid the conventional and costly practices of relying on physical prototypes or simulation experts to resolve their issues in post-design processes.
PDN Analyzer powered by CST expands upon the existing technology platform built by CST - Computer Simulation Technology, an industry-leader of high-performance simulation software. With the CST technology fully integrated into the Altium Designer platform, engineers have access to all the tools needed to successfully complete their design process from schematic capture to final production.
“Design and optimization of Power Delivery Networks is an essential part of creating capable devices in a timely and cost effective way,” said Dr. Klaus Krohne, Market Development Manager EDA, CST AG. “As a leading vendor of electromagnetic simulation software we are glad to provide our solution for DC Power Integrity analysis to the Altium user community. With PDN Analyzer in Altium Designer, our simulation technology is at your fingertips.”

Availability Details

PDN Analyzer is available now as a paid extension for Altium Designer. Engineers interested in learning more about this extension can learn more on the PDN Analyzer Overview page.
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