The new 40 GHz Broadband Silicon Capacitor (BBSC) Product Line at 40 GHz from IPDiA is suitable for DC blocking, coupling and bypass grounding applications in all optoelectronics/high-speed data, trans-impedance amplifiers (TIA), receive-and-transmit optical sub-assembly (ROSA/TOSA), synchronous optical networking (SONET), as well as broadband test equipment and broadband microwave/millimeter-wave.

The BBSC capacitors provide broadband performances better than 0.4 dB of insertion loss up to 40 GHz. They also provide very high stability of the capacitance over temperature (50 ppm/°C), voltage variation as well as a very high reliability. The BBSC capacitors have an extended operating temperature ranging from -55 to 150°C. The technology of integrated passive device in silicon, developed by IPDiA, offers performances with low insertion loss, low reflection and excellent phase stability from 16 kHz to 40 GHz:

These broadband capacitors with ultra-deep trenches in silicon have been developed using a semiconductor process which enables the integration of trench MOS capacitors providing high capacitance value – for example, 100 nF in a 100 µm low profile 0402 SMT (P/N: 939.114.424.510) or 10 nF in a 100 µm low profile 0201 SMT (P/N: 939.114.423.410). Thanks to the land pattern of the pads underneath the component, the impedance discontinuity of the transmission line can be mitigated.

The BBSC series is compliant with standard JEDEC assembly rules, making the product fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing operations. The BBSC capacitors are RoHS-compliant and are available with either ENIG terminations or lead-free pre-bumped depending on the case size.