Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. (BNC), an innovator in in microwave signal generation & analysis instrumentation, will be showcasing its products at EDI CON USA in Boston, Mass., September 20-22, 2016.  BNC will be demonstrating their 27 GHz wideband receiver that is a game changer for lab and field applications as well as their Signal Source Analyzers/Phase Noise Test Systems that simplify Pulsed Phase Noise Measurements with a click of the button in a fraction of the time, complexity, and cost of traditional systems. The Model 845 Series of RF/Microwave Signal Generators offers the new fast switching option (reduces switching speeds to 10 us) for RADAR applications.

About Berkeley Nucleonics Founded in 1963, BNC is an internationally recognized pioneer in the development of precision test and measurement instrumentation and RF / Microwave Signal Generation & Analysis. Headquartered in San Rafael, California, BNC’s line of Test & Measurement products includes pulse/digital delay and light pulse generators, RF / Microwave Signal Generation and Analysis, NIM modules and high current pulsers.

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