Tuner Diodes
The model SOD323 packaged varactor diodes require 50 percent less board space than their larger SOT23 packaged alternatives and have a reverse breakdown voltage of 25 V. The diodes offer users a nominal capacitance range between 8.2 and 68 pF for a VR of 2 V and a frequency of 1 MHz, assuring them a wide range of applications. A minimum quality factor Q at test conditions of 50 MHz and a low VR of 3 or 4 V are guaranteed. Depending on the device type, the ZMV series displays a minimum Q of 80 to 350. Price: 46¢ to 54¢ each (5000). Delivery: eight weeks (max).
Zetex Inc.,
Commack, NY
(516) 543-7100.

60 W C-band GaAs FET
The model TIM5964-60SL 60 W C-band GaAs FET is designed for use in solid-state power amplifiers for satellite earth station comunication transmitters (SATCOM) and very small aperature terminals (VSAT) and has output power of 48 dBm (typ) at a frequency range of 5.9 to 6.4 GHz. The company implemented its new heterojunction field effect transistor (HFET) process technology, which is a promising candidate for microwave higher power devices due to its performance and the increase in power and gain. Price: $1100 (100).
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.,
 Irvine, CA
(800) 879-4963, ext. 212.