Start-up SAW filter designer Resonant has signed another licensing agreement with an existing "tier one" customer, this design an integrated module that combines a duplexer and quadplexer. The quadplexer separates four different frequency bands with only a single antenna connection, which eliminates the need for antenna switching. The module design will combine chip scale packaging (CSP) and wafer level packaging (WLP) to reduce the footprint on the PCB.

These two designs are on the heels of three with this same customer that were announced on August 2, bringing the total to seven. If the designs are successful and enter production, Resonant will earn royalties on shipments.

Resonant’s "mousetrap" is a patented library of RF design tools that enables traditional FBAR, BAW or temperature compensated (TC) SAW filters to be modeled and designed with higher accuracy. Particularly for mobile bands with difficult performance requirements, Resonant says their designs require fewer foundry spins and can often use standard, low cost SAW processes. Since Resonant licenses its designs to customers, rather than manufacturing them, it avoids the cost of developing process technology and building manufacturing facilities.